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Japan is the third largest economy in the world with over 120 million people residing in this small island country. Major cities are Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya, and of course, Tokyo. Tokyo, the capital of Japan, with a population density of about 6000 persons per square kilometer has the largest population among the 47 prefectures. Being the main business district in Japan, million of workers commute into Tokyo for work from outlying areas causing the city to become even more densely populated during the daytime.

Japan, known for its advanced technology and infrastructure, holds a lot of opportunities for business growth and individual career growth. Home to the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics, there is no doubt that this international event will draw more interest and attention to the Japanese economy in the coming years.

Top 3 List of issues to consider when working in Japan

  1. It is difficult and highly risky to operate as an independent contractor in Japan. CXC Global’s solution is to employ contractors through CXC Japan and dispatch them to the client site through our Haken license.
  2. Statutory costs are mandatory for the both employer and the contractor and usually ranges between 12-15%. Payments need to be made in JPY.
  3. Proper visa status is required for foreign nationals before taking part in paid work in Japan.

Top 5 most important points about our service in Japan

  1. CXC offers direct employment with comprehensive employment and dependent visa management services.
  2. CXC deploys contractors to the client site using our Haken license.
  3. CXC handles all payroll related issues – including setting up Social Insurance (Health, Pension, Unemployment insurance).
  4. CXC offers flexible and custom solutions that also remain legal and compliant to local regulations.
  5. CXC offers detailed employment advice based on Japan’s current business regulations and labor laws.
  • CXC Japan
  • 206 Grande Maison Rokubancho
  • 6-20 Rokubancho
  • Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 102-0085 Japan
  • 102-0085  東京都千代田区
  • 六番町6-20 グランドメゾン六番町206
  • +81 50 5534 1466

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